Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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Thu Feb 13 06:59:13 EST 2003

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> Jackie wrote:
> > Dahl only comes up very rarely (often, when my
> students are exposed to
> > Dahl as adults, they're horrified by him.)  
> Oh, yes, I'd forgotten Dahl! Fantastic Mr Fox was my
> favourite of his, I
> think. But I loved James and the Giant Peach and The
> Twits, as well, which
> might well be one that horrified adults, with the
> horrible Twits catching
> birds in cruel ways to eat, and the boy mixing up a
> poisonous medicine...  I
> didn't like horror as a child, and I think the
> difference is, again, in
> atmosphere- although very nasty things happen in his
> books, they didn't feel
> creepy. And the ones who got squashed flat or baked
> in pies were always the
> baddies. I think they're quite like the nastier
> fairytales, really, give
> some children and most adults nightmares, but a lot
> of children take them in
> their stride.

>From time-to-time I survey my Year 7 (12 year old)
kids on their reading prerences, this was at another
school and I no longer all the results to check
against but Roald Dahl always came up as one of the
top few authors, others included Paul Jennings and RL
Stine (this was pre Harry Potter), from 150 kids I'd
get over 50 favourite authors.
If I had to guess current top authors with my year 7s
I'd say; Rawlings, Tolkien, Dahl, Jennings and Morris


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