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Thu Feb 13 06:17:21 EST 2003

--- Charles Butler
<hannibal at> wrote:
> > Yes, I see what you mean, I was talking 20th (and
> 21st
> > now too I guess), so Romance = Love stories and
> > Arthurian starts with TH White and moves on from
> > there.
> > If I put in Malory and earlier that would have to
> be a
> > new category - Prefantasy perhaps.
> >
> What about those first-half-of-the-20thC writers we
> might call the Arthurian
> occultists - Arthur Machen to Charles Williams, say?
> You might put Mary
> Butts in here (Armed with Madness particularly), and
> conceivably the TS
> Eliot of the Waste Land. Though for the latter two
> we should also make a new
> sub-sub-category - Arthurian anthropological, to
> indicate influence from
> Frazer, Weston, Harrison et al.
> A lot of this is based around the Grail of course -
> I suppose that does
> count as Arthurian, even if they're working from its
> presumed pre-Arthurian
> origins? Perhaps not.
Stick 'em all in with the Arthurian - it's as good a
place as any


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