Sea Witch (Was Re: Actually Garth Nix now (was Re: tad williams (was Re: : fantasy monarchies)))

Chris R sfa_ok2001 at
Thu Feb 13 05:38:53 EST 2003

> > *delurks*
> > There's a book at the library where I work called
> > Witch_, by Iris Gower - could that be it, Sally? I
> > haven't read it, so I can't swear to its badness
> > otherwise. I think it is set in Cornwall.
> > Chris
> That's the one! Please read it, and see if you agree
with me. I do stress
> that this author is supposed to be quite well-loved,
so it seems her later
> books are much better.
> Sallyo
I think I'm scared to. What was it you said about it?
Something about 'no redeeming qualities'? *g* 
Ah well. *closes eyes and thinks of DWJ*
I'll put it on my pile of Stuff To Read Before Uni
Starts. (Meaningful Capitalisation. Hee.) Which seems
to get bigger, the less time I have left...


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