Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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Thu Feb 13 02:47:02 EST 2003

--- jstallcup at wrote:
> Great!  There are some excellent critical books on
> using picture books
> with older students, including one, I believe by
> John Stephens who (I
> think) is Australian.  I love his work, but it's
> hard to get hold of
> here.
> I think that Pat Hutchins is British, possibly Base
> as well.  I use
> Rosie's Walk in my class and students are always
> surprised at how much
> there is to talk about---we can go on for hours
> about it, with the proper
> preparation!
Hutchins was the one I wasn't sure of, and I didn't
have the book in front of me to check. All the books
are great and worth looking for (I love Jeannie
Baker's work myself - some have no text at all)
As a thread on picture books is starting I'll just say
that I have no childhood memories of picture books -
perhaps it was all text. I wasn't immune to the power
of illustrations as i can still remember the art deco
illustrations in some of my mother's books (which were
largely text). Needless to say I compensated by giving
our girls lots of picture books when they were young
(and we still do - they both got picture books for
Christmas and they gave my wife one) - they also got
lots of lego and a train set - other things I never
had as a child.

Jon (waiting for the chorus of yorkshire accents
saying "you think you had it tough...all I had to play
with when I were child was lump of coal which my
father burnt for christmas when I were 12..)

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