On cataloguing books (was Re: Obscure Childhood favorites)

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 13 01:39:29 EST 2003

>From: Melissa Proffitt >Way to go, Jon - that's quite a taxonomic feat! And 
>there's more?
> >
> >I was just going to suggest "Above 500 pages" and "Below 500pp"  :)
>We just call that "Books Christian Won't Read" and "Books Christian Will
>Read"  :)

hey, that's not my only criterion. =)

right now every book is a "book christian won't read." i feel like i've been 
put through the wringer today and i'm surprsied i'm awake and coherent 
enough to be browsing the list.

traveling for work and then coming back and writing a massive review of 
xenosaga is not recommended for one's mental *or* physical health. and 
tomorrow i have to go to a backyard wrestling event -- no, i'm not kidding.


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