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Hi, Jon;

I categorise fantasy rather differently - there's Domestic and then various

Level 1 is 1 fantastic element intruding on one person in real life.
example; Deb has a cat that talks to her.
Level 2 is a fantastic element shared by others - ex. a dragon moves into
the Smith garden and nobody else notices. Joan Aiken's Armitage stories are
a bit like this.

Level 3 is a more general fantastic element. A unicorn or someone from
another world moves in to a town, or else someone has magic power than
affects others.

Level 4 often takes a human into a fantasy world.

Level 5 takes place in a fantasy world, (but with a recognisable human
society) with a human fantasy character (princess, peasant, or ordinary
schoolchild etc as lead character.) Dave Luckett's latest trilogy is like

Level 6 may have a human lead character, but fantasy creatures and magic
will be accepted and general.

You also get oddities like Tall Tale, or real life just a bit skewed.


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> Unfortunately I seem to have deleted my first post on
> this so I can no longer remember what I have already
> said, however lets try to think up some more;
> Childrens fantasy, often this will also fall into some
> of the other categories but it is still useful to be
> able list books primarily aimed at children
> YA fantasy, the same thing, but rarer
> Romance; never read it myself, but I understand it
> exists.
> Arthurian, really a sub-category of mythology - but
> there is so much with so many takes on the Matter of
> Britain that it deserves its own category
> Weird; hard to categorise, but I don't mean the sorts
> of things published in Weird Tales in the 20s and 30s,
> (which this term is sometimes used to cover) some DWJ
> might go here - Archer's Goon for instance.
> Other; while I'm sure i can still come up with more
> there is always going to be quite a volume of fantasy
> that defies any easy categorisation.
> Jon
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