Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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Wed Feb 12 19:53:11 EST 2003

--- jstallcup at wrote:
> Hmmm...
> I would like to make an argument for including
> picture books, ........
> My favorite "first day of class" question is, "But,
> Dr. Stallcup, these
> are (pause for effect, wrinkle nose) picture books! 
> How are earth are we
> going to be able to write a whole two pages about
> one?"  

I don't think I'd be able to stop myself suggesting
they draw a picture then :)

> As someone who is immersed in picture books in my
> daily life, I say, more
> power to 'em!  They made me a reader!  If I were to
> list my childhood
> favorites, which I haven't because really, that just
> seemed like a
> daunting task, picture books would rank right up
> there with the chapter
> books and novels...

In NSW our new High School English syllabus includes
deconstructing picture books

The ones we do in this school are

Jeannie Baker; The story of Rosie Dock
Jeannie Baker; Window
Jeannie Baker; Where the forest meets the sea
Graeme Base; At the sign of the seahorse
Libby Hathorn; Way home
Pat Hutchins; Rosie's walk
Nadia Wheatley; My Place

These are I'm sure all Aussie titles.


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