Lachrymose classics (was Re: Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!))

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Wed Feb 12 18:13:54 EST 2003

When this issue (tearing up while reading) has come up on other lists,
there have been people who are *adamantly* in favor of just letting it
happen.  It's a very powerful "read-aloud" moment, no matter what age the
audience.  But I think that it has to be done right, it has to be genuine
and the reader has to be ok with it.  I'm with you--I'm not ok with
crying in front of my students, so I tend to avoid such books...


On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 22:51:21 -0000 "Charles Butler"
<hannibal at> writes:
> > But I'm intrigued by Blyton coming up for you.  Remind me where 
> you
> > teach?  I'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of my 
> students have
> > never even heard of Blyton.
> In Bristol, UK. For my part I've got to admit I'd never heard of 
> Love you
> Forever until this evening (but then I haven't read much Blyton 
> either). But
> I just browsed the customer reviews on Amazon, and I can see it 
> makes quite
> an impression, one way or the other. So many tears!
> I don't think I could teach it, however manipulative/perverse, 
> because I'm
> just a sucker for books that make you cry, and it's not something I 
> like to
> do in class. I had to give up teaching Ben Jonson's 'On my first 
> son'
> because I couldn't get through it without husking - and I've got a 
> feeling
> that, whatever the difference in literary quality, this would be the 
> same.
> Anyone else have this problem?
> Charlie
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