Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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Wed Feb 12 15:08:25 EST 2003

>This is very interesting--I also always start my children's literature
>courses with getting the students to name their favorite childhood books,
>and I don't think that Blyton has ever come up.   
>Dahl only comes up very rarely (often, when my students are exposed to
>Dahl as adults, they're horrified by him.) 
>I often get the following (authors as well as books, obviously):  Judy
>Blume, Beverly Cleary, Dr. Suess, Where the Wild Things Are, Rainbow Fish
>(erg), Love You Forever (double bleagh),

I'm amazed at how many adults love this book and think that children 
will too. Don't get me wrong, I love Robert Munsch, his "Paper-bag 
Princess" "Stephanie's Ponytail" and "Thomas' Snowsuit" are some of 
my favourite books to read and read aloud. Kids adore them. Kids 
respond less enthusiastically to "Love you forever". I think it's 
some adults' idea of what kids will like - but it's just too 
heart-on-the-sleeve for kids to sit still for more than once.

who still can't believe he didn't add "How the Grinch Stole 
Christmas" at the top of his favourites!

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true, they are more than true. Not because they tell us that dragons 
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