Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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Ros said...

> > > There was a series called the Abbey books or something like that. I
> > > can't
> > > remember anything else about them now!
> Rosie replied:
> > By Elsie J. Oxenham - see
> > for
> > further details.
> That's it! Thanks. I had no idea there was a whole series of them.

It goes on for miles and miles and miles.  I think there are 30 or 40 of
them, though I'm not an expert or even much of a fan.  It's one of these
original characters grow up and have kids and we read about *them* (and
assorted friends, relations and hangers-on) too.  I have (illegal!)
electronic copies of a couple of the early ones and actual book copies of
two of the late ones (thanks, Hallie!)
> > > A book called Exile for Annis, whose author I can't for the life of me
> > > remember. I should actually have this book somewhere, but can't put
> > > my finger on it.
> >
> > By Josephine Elder. The two sequels are Cherry Tree Perch and Strangers
> > at the Farm School.
> You're right again! I'm *sure* that book is lurking about somewhere. I
> didn't know there were any sequels.

Oddly enough, one of *my* favourites as a child was "Strangers at the Farm
School", a copy of which was handed down to me by my mother.  While I
vaguely gathered from the text that there might have been a preceding book,
it wasn't until only a year or two ago that I learned that there were *two*
of them, and got my own copies of them!  (Thanks again, Hallie!)

> So did you read all the others as an adult? I thought some of them might
> longer be available.

Don't know about all of your list, but the Abbey books and the Farm School
ones are out of print.  One must scour second-hand booksellers to find them
(or, if you're me, wait for Hallie to scour second-hand booksellers to find
them for me. :-)  The second-hand bookshops I have access to are lousy).

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