Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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Wed Feb 12 13:26:59 EST 2003


>>I forgot to put _Cue for Treason_ on my list too.  Poor Cara (12 
>>and in 1st Year) discovered that they could have read CfT for 
>>English this year - instead they're reading Adrian Mole.  She is 
>>not impressed.
>She should probably grateful: this book was totally ruined for me by 
>having to read it for English at the same level. Lots of girls in 
>class just didn't get it, and the teacher was terribly heavyhanded 
>about the "mystery" of the girl dressed as a boy.

Yeah, on second thought, she agreed that she wouldn't have 
particularly enjoyed reading it in class.  I don't think it could 
have ruined it for her, as it became a firm favourite a few years 
ago, but it might have been a pain all the same.  It's funny, because 
I've read  glowing testimonials from teachers of the "I've been using 
this book for English classes for 25 years, and every class has loved 
it" variety.  Maybe it depends on the teacher's loving it to start 


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