Calcifer's saucepan song was Re: Obscure Childhood favorites

Otter Perry ottertee at
Wed Feb 12 08:25:23 EST 2003

Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:

> The discussions on this list tend to be cyclical: I'm sure just a year or so
> ago there was a thread about Kastner, Lindgren and Jansson... but that's
> fine with me, it's always good to remember good books.

And it's handy for those of us who just found the list.  I had been
rereading _Howl's Moving Castle_ and decided to see what I could find
on the web about Calcifer's saucepan song and here I am.

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but does anybody have the
Welsh words?  Or know where I might find a recording of somebody singing
it?  I found the English words and the tune ....
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