Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Wed Feb 12 07:31:38 EST 2003

--- Charles Butler
<hannibal at> wrote:
> Ros:
> > Enid Blyton, The Noddy books when I was very
> young, then the The Faraway
> > Tree books (a teacher read them aloud to us and
> then I borrowed them)
> When I teach CL I usually get my students to name
> their favourite book from
> childhood as a way of breaking the ice in the first
> seminar. There's always
> a lot of Roahl Dahl, but the runaway winner over the
> years has been Blyton's
> Magic Faraway Tree. (These are students born, on
> average, between 1980 and
> 1985). Whenever one person mentions that book the
> eyes of all the rest glaze
> over in nostalgic stupefaction...
I mentioned this as one I'd liked as a kid, although I
never knew what the book was until I read it to my own
children (born 79 and 81) and realised this was the
book i had loved. I'm sure they'd both list it too.


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