P.S., Obscure Childhood favorites

Abe Gross argross at bigpond.net.au
Wed Feb 12 06:20:28 EST 2003

I just wanted to add that Alan Garner's _The Weirdstone of Brisingamen_,
which I did mention, was a *huge* influence on me. Grade 6, when I read it,
was also the year I read the Narnian books and _A Wrinkle in Time_. It was
also the year I read those two books I can't properly identify. Although I'd
read fantasy before (_The Amazing Mr Whisper_, Enid Blyton's fantasies) that
was the year that I seemed to start seeking out books like the ones I'd
loved. I think our Grade 6 teacher started reading _The Hobbit_ to us also,
though I didn't get to read _The Lord of the Rings_ until a year or so
later. I forgot to mention those! The edition in the school library
(probably the only edition then) consisted of big hardback books with an eye
on the cover. That eye scared and excited me--in fact, all three volumes
disturbed me (especially perhaps the Nazgul) but I loved them at the same


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