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> > > Abigail:
> > > >_Bottersnikes and Gumbles_, S.A. Wakefield
, but seemingly
> there are at least 
> three: _Gumbles in trouble_, _Gumbles on guard_ and
> _Gumbles 
> in Summer_. All out of print & last published in
> 1984 in the UK as 
> far as I can tell. Aussies might find more recent
> editions - but they 
> seem to be OP too. 

The most recent date for Bottersnikes & Gumbles I can
see is 1996, although that one may still be available,
i have seen it in shops fairly recently (mind you in
my doddering old age that could be 8 years ago), the
other three were last pub'd in 1990. The only other
title seems to be Captain deadlight's treasure (first
pub'd 1990 and not since) the cataloging info on that
one includes the following;
Jumbling past and present, reality and fantasy, this
treasure-hunt voyages in an imaginary Pacific Ocean
with a crazy collection of characters. The new
pacifist owner of Peppermint wants to refit her as a
tourist cruiser, but the piratical crew of Wobbegong
wants the long-dead Deadlight's treasure, and so the
chase begins. There's a highly-kidnappable gourmet
cook, an immeasurably-IQ'd professor, a treacherous
freeloader called honest Jago, a witchdoctor, a Wild
Man, an eyeless ghost, an heroically humble ship's
boy, a parrot, of course, and a plot as silly as it is
fast good fun. Many line drawings visualise the humour
well. E. Beckett LEV: Upper primary Lower secondary
AVAIL: $15.95
The Peppermint, a battered old sailing ship is bought
by a landlubber to be renovated as a cruise ship. Mr
Porter the new owner, however, gets more than he
bargained for in the way of ghosts, treasure maps and
villainous pirates. All ends well for Mr Porter and
his crew when they retrieve the hidden treasure; and
the villainous pirates get their just rewards. Written
by the author of the Gumbles series, this slapstick
adventure will appeal to reluctant readers. The action
has pace as does the dialogue which includes some
marvellous play on words. Reminiscent of The house
that sailed away, this novel is destined to be
popular. Middle primary Upper primary. Highly
recommended. AVAIL: hbk $15.95 (as at 12 10 1990)
REVIEWER: D. Threlfall Waddington PS


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