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Tue Feb 11 20:37:33 EST 2003

Kyra said (Hi Kyra)

---Kyra, whose buttons are being pushed far too 
much for her "work
instead of writing to mailing lists resolution." 

_Gatsby_ is also one of
my favorite books, but I will not go into that 
now, I will not go into
that now, I will not go into that now (unless 
someone asks me
directly. . . sigh).

I won't ask you directly but I'm finding it
interesting to see the various reactions to
Fitzgerald by his countrypeople. He seems to be a
hot topic for a lot of people due to coming with
an awful lot of cultural baggage. I mean like I
(in the UK) just read TITN and TGG in my twenties
to see what people were on about! I suppose its a
"great american novel thing". I was wondering
what authors provoke this kind of reaction over
here but the only one I could think of was
Dickens (again) who seems to cause probl;ems
everywhere. Comments from Ireland, Australia etc

Just remembered good old Jane Austen!


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