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Tue Feb 11 20:28:38 EST 2003

Following some excellent discourse on the
economics of book length Jodel wrote

<And from the reader's point of view; I think 
DWJ's comments about writing for 
adults as opposed for children (before she 
discovered that the distinction 
was largely a matter of marketing on the part of 
the publishers) are 
appropriate here. The adults, the people who 
actually go out and look for a 
nice doorstop novel, (as opposed to those kids 
who are looking for the 
shortest book they can get away with writing 
their report on) are quite 
deliberately looking for something they can kick 
off thir shoes and unwind 
with. Like a nice long soak in a bubblebath.>

It's horses for courses with me. At heart I love
long rich books that I can really wallow in, I'm
a fast reader and a demanding one so I treasure
books that can really deliver this up. There are
times though when I want something that will only
last a couple of hours, sometimes to break up the
reading of a longer book that's got a bit stodgy.

I do feel that a long read by a favourite author
is better value than  an equivalent shorter one
but I think the only time this actually
influencesmy buying choice is when I'm going on
holiday and want to be sure not to run out of
cool stuff to read -- I have to have a doorstop
or two in myt suitcase. Hmmm, but if I discover
that a much anticipated new book by a favourite
seems a bit on thre flimsy side I tend to think
I'll have to find something else, a bit longer to
go with it!
<(I mean, how *else* do you explain how Mercedes 
Lackey manages to repeatedly 
pull off those half chapter at a stretch 
digressions on the fabrics and the 
plumbing arangements and the administrative 
minutia which underpins and 
enables her noble military and virtuous public 
servants' comfortable 

Have I said before? I regard all this as model
village building. I have finally sworn off
Laclkey (I have! I have! I never even got the
last of those Owlthingy ones) after reading
Burning Bright which was just stupid as far as I
was concerned and pretty offensive too.


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