Obscure Childhood favorites

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 11 18:27:07 EST 2003

Jon wrote:

>This wasn't "Emil and the detectives" which was by
>Erich Katsner (Sp??), that and "The 35th of May" (I
>think that's the title) where two other faves, I can
>recall being very impressed with the title of the
>latter. I think he may also have written one called
>"Lotte and Lisa" which I didn't like.

It's Kastner, but yes all these books are by him, and several others, such 
as: "Emil and the Twins", "Anton and Punkt....I should know this but I can 
only think of the name in Hebrew, two or three books about "The Little Man". 
"Lisa and Lottie" is actually one of his more famous books, also the basis 
for the movie "The Parent Trap" in all its endless reincarnations.

The discussions on this list tend to be cyclical: I'm sure just a year or so 
ago there was a thread about Kastner, Lindgren and Jansson... but that's 
fine with me, it's always good to remember good books.

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