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Tue Feb 11 14:48:48 EST 2003

>Melissa wrote:
>[re the Oxford time-travel books]
>>  I'm hoping that her next book might return to that universe, but I have
>>  a lot of trouble finding information on what she's doing or a publishing
>>  schedule.  Maybe someone else here has the inside scoop?  It's been almost
>>  two years since _Passage_.
>Well, I found this interview:
>Towards the end is a question about what she's doing now.  Earlier questions
>could be considered spoilers for _Doomsday Book_, _Passage_ and _To Say
>Nothing of the Dog_, so to summarise: She has two more Oxford time-travel
>novels in mind, but what she's doing now is "a UFO novel, a comedy set in
>Caveat: It looks as if that interview is more than a year old, so there's
>probably some more up-to-date information out there somewhere.

There was an interview in Locus, in which she says she's temporarily 
shelved the UFO comedy.

(Sorry, no idea why that didn't come up as a link.)


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