Obscure Childhood favorites

hallieod at indigo.ie hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Feb 11 14:38:01 EST 2003


>>  >_The Secret Garden_, Frances Hodgson Burnett
>>  Has no one mentioned that?  That's odd.
>Oops, someone probably has.  I was ill last week and came back to an
>absolute deluge of digests - I could well have missed a title or two.

No, I don't remember anyone doing so either - that wasn't implying 
you'd missed one, just my internal musings.

>>  >The _Paddington_ books by Michael Bond
>>  I think I forgot these as they were read when I was much younger than
>>  a lot of the others. 
>Likewise, and the Wombles too - but I came back to them over and over
>throughout my childhood, so I thought I'd stick them in.  I'm 25, by the way
>- and spent the weekend putting my books into alphabetical order after
>moving house, which helped to refresh my memory!
>One more obscure favourite: Nicholas Stuart Gray.  I loved his short
>stories.  Sadly, I read them from the school library, and they're expensive.

Oh, he wrote _The Seventh Swan_ too. I was pretty sure I recognised 
the name and just checked on ABE.  I've been keeping an eye out for 
that one ever since hearing about it somewhere - possibly here.  Have 
you read it?  (See, you won't get a chance to slip back into lurking, 
as you'll have too many questions to answer. ;-)  )


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