Obscure Childhood favorites

Abigail Gawith A.Gawith at tarragon-et.co.uk
Tue Feb 11 13:21:04 EST 2003

Katta wrote:

> Okay, I'm going to mention a couple of childhood favourites that are 
> Scandinavian and thus obscure to everyone who isn't... well, here.
> "Ronia the Robber's Daughter" by Astrid Lindgren and "Moominsummer
> by Tove Jansson

Joining the chorus of recognition...

I didn't find _Ronia the Robber's Daughter_ until recently, but as a child I
had the Pippi books, and _Karlson on the Roof_, and _The Bullerby Children_,
and... oh bother, I forget the title, a book about a boy called Emil.  I
thought they were great.  And I had all the Moomins books, plus a big
picture book, _Who will Comfort Toffle?_.  My favourite was _Finn Family
Moomintroll_, the first one I was given.  Was anybody else frightened by the
Groke?  I had to turn the page very quickly if it had a picture of her on
it.  And I was amazed to learn, years later, that there really was such a
thing as an ant-lion!

The only other Scandinavian authors I can think of are Inger and Lasse
Sandberg (sp?), who wrote _Johan's Year_ and _Johan at School_.  Did anyone
else read those?  Definitely not as well known as Jansson and Lindgren.

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