Greek feet + rare mammals

Tanaqui tweaver at
Tue Feb 11 11:56:37 EST 2003


I'm delighted to hear that the world now has both platypuses
at the bottom of the gully, and in breeding programs.
+ > I'm a biodiversity advocate. A responsible one,
+ > despite or because of my _New Scientist_ subscription. 

+ because of surely, I'm a regular reader myself - its
+ the main source of my science news.

depends on your reserved judgement of my claim to be "responsible" ;-)
+ > (The sort of eco-terrorist who writes that he
+ > has released "elevin" members of a hostile alien species
+ I thought he was only threatening to do so. 

_New Scientist_ concluded that it was indeed shoddy Science fiction.

I concede that I should have skipped the hyperbolic prose and
called him a "cognitive eco-terrorist".

+ > Tanaqui, liking the idea of cryptid platypuses
+ Cryptozoology is a fascinating area, and it is a great
+ pity is has such little basis in fact.

True indeed. 

Abominable Tanaqui 
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