Obscure Childhood favorites

Joe Joe.Nankivell at ucd.ie
Tue Feb 11 09:51:46 EST 2003

On 11 Feb 2003, at 13:52, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:

> > Abigail:
> > >_Bottersnikes and Gumbles_, S.A. Wakefield
> Hallie wrote: 
> > Are these among the more obscure or is it just me?

I have it somewhere in my loft if you want a loan...

> It can't be obscure, I've read it... it's a *lovely* book

It's definitely on my top five too. I remember weeping with laughter 
as a nine-year-old. But rereading it a year or two ago had me 
wondering about their biology: they all seem to be boys... 

>Full of marvelous details. I must reread
> it. And are there sequels?

I've never been able to find them, but seemingly there are at least 
three: _Gumbles in trouble_, _Gumbles on guard_ and _Gumbles 
in Summer_. All out of print & last published in 1984 in the UK as 
far as I can tell. Aussies might find more recent editions - but they 
seem to be OP too. 

_Grimble_ would also be on my list as well as Abigail's - and is 
also OP, which is hard to account for since in an interview with 
Amazon JK Rowling cited this as one of her 3 childhood favourites 
and one of the funniest books she's ever read. You'd have thought 
publishers would have jumped at the chance to get that in a blurb. 
Neil Gaiman has a short riff on it in his blog: 
which gives you a flavour. 

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