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Tue Feb 11 06:48:17 EST 2003

I've never read Connie Willis in English, but you guys have so warmly 
recommended her in the past that I recently broke down and got Doomsday Book 
(in Hebrew translation) out of my local library.  I'd just decided that after 
ten years in Israel it was time to read grownup books in Hebrew.  It was 
quite a challenge, but with Mr. Dictionary by my side, I got through it in a 
few weeks.  It was a powerful book.

Now I'm reading To Say Nothing of the Dog, also in Hebrew.  I keep wondering 
if the (for want of a better word) flavor would be much different in English. 
 Fortunately, I recognize some of the quotations, and have read Three Men in 
a Boat several times, also lots of PG Wodehouse.  It seems to help.

But I almost gave up on Doomsday Book at the beginning.  First, a character 
talks about the time Israel was shooting Americans on sight (!?).  Second, 
the story is permeated with the author's belief in vaccinations.  Both of 
these issues are hot buttons with me.  I'm restraining myself from a lengthy 
rant.  It must be good for my character ;-).

Esther in Israel
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