Obscure Childhood favorites

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Tue Feb 11 05:23:20 EST 2003

After continuing the arduous task of cataloging my books this afternoon (I 
started this job in a lighthearted manner, never guessing how long it would 
take or how hard I would find recalling the origins of some books) I was 
inspired to make my own list, including some of my more obscure childhood 

As someone else commented, children who grow to be eager readers read nearly 
everything, and I certainly liked the majority of books I read as a child (or 
perhaps I'm just meaner now). 

But some books stand out, such as Susan Cooper's _The Dark is Rising_ 
sequence, which I utterly adored at the age of ten. It seemed so new and 
different to me (even compared to Narnia). 

I was lucky enough to read some DWJ while still at primary school: I vividly 
remember LoCC, ToTC and Archer's Goon as the three books of hers that my 
local library possessed.  Linked in my mind to the magic of DWJ were the Mahy 
short story collections, especially _Door in the air_.

Other favourites others have mentioned: _A little princess_, Nesbit (The 
Enchanted Castle was my favourite), LM Boston's Greenknowe books, Alcott, 
Anne and Emily books...and when first reading, Blyton and Dahl. Plus nearly 
every series around such as Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew and Chalet School 

Some not mentioned (I think) that I loved and read over and over: 
Robert O'Brien's _Mrs Frisby and the rats of NIMH_ and _The Silver Crown_
Elizabeth Goudge's _The little white horse_
When I dreamt of becoming an actor, _The swish of the curtain_ by Pamela 
Brown and _Elizabeth of the garret theatre_ by Gwendoline Courtney
And when I thought living in the wilderness would be fun, _Young Crusoes_ by 
Burton Spiller.

I'm sure there's plenty I've left off...

Emma :)
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