Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

Rosie Hopkins rosieburroughs at
Tue Feb 11 05:09:02 EST 2003

This is what I liked when I was about twelve. But oh help, even if I
cheat and do authors not books, I don't know if I can keep it down to
five ... No, I can't. And for me it divides into things read to me by
my father, and things I discovered for myself.

Read to me:
C.S. Lewis: Narnia series
J.R.R. Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings
Barbara Willard: Mantlemass series
Arthur Ransome: Swallows and Amazons series
Lloyd C. Douglas: The Robe and The Big Fisherman
And plenty of others ...

Discovered myself:
Rosemary Sutcliff
Geoffrey Trease
Henry Treece
Ronald Welch

I went more for historical fiction than fantasy in those days. But I
used the same technique on DWJ and Rosemary Sutcliff. In both cases I
started with a book I found too difficult (Fire and Hemlock, The Eagle
of the Ninth), and decided to work my way up to it by reading all the
others the library had. Only I could cope with Eagle by the time I was
ten or eleven, and I didn't manage F&H until I was more like sixteen.


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