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>> By the way, women who live together do tend to menstruate at the same
>> time,  and they tend to be more regular. There ought to be a pheromonal
>> therapy for  irregular periods one could base on this, though it
>> wouldn't do away with any  underlying pathology such as PCOS. Didn't
>> work for me and my mom, as she was  40 when I was born and into
>> perimenopause by the time I hit puberty.
> I remember hearing about some study with mice--if the female mice were all
> in estrus (? that's the word, yes?) at the same time, the offspring were
> more likely to all survive. Or something like that. I've no idea why this
> would  be the case, though, or if/how it would apply to female humans.
You can see an evolutionary advantage in women sharing cycles - for example
if several women are pregnant at the same time, then if one of the mothers
dies in childbirth there would be a foster mother available to breastfeed
the orphan.  And generally the women would be able to support each other and
share the childraising duties.


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