Obscure Childhood favorites

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> hallieod at indigo.ie writes:
> > >_Bogwoppit_, Ursula Moray Williams
> > >_Grimble_, Clement Freud
> > >_Bottersnikes and Gumbles_, S.A. Wakefield
> > >_The Hunting of Shadroth_ and _The Green Piper_,
> Victor Kelleher
> > 
> > Are these among the more obscure or is it just me?
> > 
> > 
> I think Kelleher is the only author I recognise
> here.  I find his books 
> slightly dark, and think the only one I adored as a
> child was _Del Del_ 
> (which was still pretty heavy!).  I think I
> appreciated his books a lot more 
> as a teenager.
Kelleher is pretty well known in Oz (he is one of ours
by adoption if not by birth) and I'm sure every school
library will have about a dozen titles - all worth a
look at - he has written some stuff for adults as well
as (mostly) YA or a bit younger. Bottersnikes and
Gumbles I know of and I suspect is still available. If
Clement Freud is The Clement Freud (as in grandson of
Sigi and brother of Lucian) then he is at least very
well known and I'm sure anything by him would be worth
a read. That only leaves Bogwoppit, of which I have
never heard.

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