Obscure Childhood favorites

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Tue Feb 11 02:55:13 EST 2003

Abigail wrote:

>My copy of _Poor Cecco_ gives the author as Margery Williams Bianco, 
> >which, combined with the unfamiliar name "Cecco", led me to assume she 
> >was Italian.

Again, I know this is the same woman who wrote "The Velveteen Rabbit", but 
that's all I know about her... I reread _Poor Cecco_ over and over. I taped 
myself reading it aloud. I LOVED this book.

>_The Hounds of the Morrigan_, Pat O'Shea

Did you really like this book? I read it about a year ago, and while there 
where bits of it I liked a lot, I thought it was much too slow and long and 
somehow pointless. It's another one of those books where the protagonists 
have to forget their magical adventure at the end, which I suppose is one of 
my Literary Pet Peeves (capitalized for Irina).

>_Bogwoppit_, Ursula Moray Williams

This is one I've been looking for for a while. People on this list suggested 
it as a likely candidate for a book I read long long ago and only remembered 
vague details of. I tried ordering it online, but it went out of print on 
me. I suppose I'll have to renew my search.

I've read several other of the books on your list as well, but none I 
particularly feel I would want to go back to, except possibly the Dodie 
Smith books. And _Which Witch_ is adorable - another one of the books that 
DWJ selected an excerpt from in her anthology.

You should delurk more often!

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