Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Tue Feb 11 02:38:16 EST 2003

--- Gili Bar-Hillel <abhillel at> wrote:
> Jon wrote:
> >Boy do I stand corrected
> You made valid points, I had to do a lot of
> searching to find the counter 
> arguments. And you have the strong support of my
> husband, who stood around 
> yesterday muttering about how 28 is not 29.5 no
> matter how you cut it.
Still you, and others, found old associations between
the moon and menstruation, something which I had
simply assumed was purely New Age nonsense on basis
other than  the mathematical unlikelyhood of such a
relationship holding up in the long run. Just don't
get me started on Goddess worshiping witches.
Incidently I have seen a biological/evolutionary
advantage arguement for why women's cycles tend to
coincide which I was going to post to the list, but so
far I haven't had the time to look for it. What I
would really like to see is a suggestion as to the
evolutionary advantage of PMS (or PMT as we say in
Oz). A couple of recent issues of New Scientist
featured a contest to find the evolutionary advantage
offered by certain human behaviour, such as why men
never ask directions.


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