fantasy monarchies

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Mon Feb 10 22:46:14 EST 2003

--- Ven <vendersleighc at> wrote:
>  Jon wrote:
> > Where fantasy books have governments
> > that aren't absolute monarchies they tend to be
> set in
> > worlds that are close analogies of our own (eg 
> the
> > world of the Chrestomanci)
> and Jennifer replied
> Or they are corrupt councils of merchants (that 
> may well be an OMT as
> well!). Often Our Heroes come from a monarchy and
> visit a wicked foreign
> country, and are shocked to discover the nasty 
> commercial types in charge.
> Robin Hobb's Liveship books are a welcome change
> from this, here we have the merchant's council
> efforts to keep control of their city rather than
> yield it up to the local Satrap (a weak ruler
> btw). 
And of course Weak Rulers are a Bad Thing (so much for
Meaningless Capitals). There more I thin about the
more sure I am that my statement on monarchies was an
overwhelming generalisation, but it's not all that
easy to think of exceptions. With Robin Hobb her other
books (as Hobb) are in a monarchy. Also thinking about
elites of wizards ruling a kingdom - i have a vision
of someone in a magical world speculating on life in a
technology/science oriented society and saying - "and
of course the scientists would have all the power"


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