Eco, Chuckie D., who else?

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Mon Feb 10 21:45:02 EST 2003

>And besides, why are you griping at me?!  Go yell at Robyn for a while.
>It's *HER* opinion.  :)

And I am happy to stick by it. I have read and enjoyed heaps of things by 
contemporaries and near-contemporaries of Dickens, so I don't have a 
prejudice against Victoriana. I think he is massively overrated because the 
plots of his novels are tortuous, stupid and full of inconsistencies. As 
far as use of language goes, there are a bijillion writers who are more 
interesting. I don't understand why he is judged to be such a "great", and 
no one has ever satisfactorily explained it to me. As far as I can see, a 
lot of his reputation is based on volume. (Given recent discussions of book 
length, a lot of people might say he was a bad writer on this basis alone.) 
So I have this strong impression that most people who revere Dickens do so 
without actually reading the books. Thus a mature and reasoned literary 
response would be, having read the books, to judge them overrated at best.


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