funny Titus

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Mon Feb 10 21:13:22 EST 2003

>I somehow don't think the KJV sounds proper when read
>aloud unless its by one of those Church of England
>ministers who does it in the sing-songy chanty voice
>the once all must have been trained in. (You can tell
>where I went to Sunday school)

Speaking as someone who used to be in a choir at an Anglican College Chapel 
at a University, I have to say they are still trained in how to sing/chant 
like that. Or rather, attempts are made. Some theologues remain 
unteachable. The choir used to have to do a lot of support work in helping 
them learn how to sing, and pretending that when they went off key and gave 
us duff starting notes that it didn't really matter.


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