Typographic style (was; literary pet peeves)

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 10 21:09:45 EST 2003

><< Doesn't Mercedes Lackey overuse "damn" & italics a ton? >>
>Oh, blargh, nowadays just about *everyone* overuses italics a ton! Think
>about it. use of italics was very sparing around mid-century, and earlier
>(probably because most printing houses only had the templates for one or two
>families what even had an italic cutting). With text going directly from disk
>to plate you could set ever second line in a different face or cutting and
>not feel that much of a strain.

I think there was an anti-Victorian move against the use of swoony italics: 
L M Montgomery has Emily of New Moon (actually it is the second book) 
constantly struggling with the temptation to over-use italics because 
someone has described her writing as "old-fashioned" when she uses them 


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