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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 10 18:54:41 EST 2003

christian wrote

<the real reason i don't like the books anymore
not because of the 
narrative, which is actually chock full of good 
things. i just can't bear 
his writing anymore. it's really exceedingly 
overdone. he could've doen the 
same books in half the wordage. at the most. he's

fond of repeating 
metaphors that aren't even that good to begin 
with. i crave brevity.

I know what you mean but I like density, an
author can go on for as long as they like so long
as there is plenty of, of stuff (no better word).
What put me off Williams,iirc in the first book
of MS & T  was a long section where everyone
(tourists, companions and guides) have to go off
into a desert for about twelve days and then come
back out again. Again irrc aside from attaining
the object of this trek notjhing much happened
but TW seemed to have to narrate every bloody
boring mile every bit of character bicker and
banter til I could have screamned *Just give me
some plot godammit or failing that just sack a

i also really began to hate the characterizations

of all of the races. i 
don't understand fantasy races and their boring 
cliched racism against one 
another and their pathetic tendency to have very 
specific and different 
social norms so that people can be shocked and 
offended all day. i got 
really bored of this convention of fantasy and 
it's one of the reasons i 
think i stopped being able to enjoy or take it 

That is a gem of a rant, christian.

i recently reviewed a game that took this 
convention as fantasy gospel and 
used it in almost every dialogue sequence. i 
wanted to brain the scenario 
writer after an hour or two.

heh heh


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