Obscure Childhood favorites

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Mon Feb 10 17:37:03 EST 2003


>Instead, I offer childhood favourites of mine that I don't think anyone's
>mentioned yet, some of which are pretty obscure:
>_The Land of Green Ginger_, Noel Langley

I've mentioned it, but not for ages, and not as a childhood 
favourite, as I didn't discover it until a few years ago.  I picked 
it up never having heard of it, and loved it, and then was really 
chuffed to see the extract from it in the stories DWJ selected. 
_Fantasy Stories_?  I'm losing it.

[snipping some I've at least heard of]

>_Bogwoppit_, Ursula Moray Williams
>_Grimble_, Clement Freud
>_Bottersnikes and Gumbles_, S.A. Wakefield
>_The Hunting of Shadroth_ and _The Green Piper_, Victor Kelleher

Are these among the more obscure or is it just me?

>_The Hundred and One Dalmatians_ and _The Twilight Barking_, Dodie Smith

Oh yes.  First literary argument Becca ever had was over THaOD.  My 
mother read it to her, and Becca insisted that it wasn't as good as 
the film.  I think she was about 4, so it wasn't bad for then.

>_The Secret Garden_, Frances Hodgson Burnett

Has no one mentioned that?  That's odd.  I'd have thought someone 
would have either _The Secret Garden_ or _A Little Princess_ on their 

>The _Paddington_ books by Michael Bond

I think I forgot these as they were read when I was much younger than 
a lot of the others.  Just guessing from your list, I'd say that had 
given me a lot more time to forget them than reading at a similar age 
would have given you.


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