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> On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Ian W. Riddell wrote:
> > I would highly recommend "The Doomsday Book". A historian travels 
> > back to the early 1300s. And that's about all I can say without 
> > giving it away. It deals, in some part, with how 21st century Oxford 
> > and 14th Century "Oxford" deal with a similar threat. Well worth the 
> > time to read.

My oldest sister, who is a microbiologist and not particularly an sf fan, 
gave this one high marks. I think she would like _Passage_ too (which I've 
just finished and thought was spectacular, though I don't think I quite 
understand the ending), but I am not about to recommend it to her just now as 
she has just finished breast cancer treatment. Hm, don't know if she would 
like _To Say Nothing of the Dog_ or not. I wasn't as wild about that one 
myself. Must try it again.

Helen Schinske
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