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Mon Feb 10 15:58:06 EST 2003

> By the way, women who live together do tend to menstruate at the same
> time,  and they tend to be more regular. There ought to be a pheromonal
> therapy for  irregular periods one could base on this, though it
> wouldn't do away with any  underlying pathology such as PCOS. Didn't
> work for me and my mom, as she was  40 when I was born and into
> perimenopause by the time I hit puberty.

I remember hearing about some study with mice--if the female mice were all
in estrus (? that's the word, yes?) at the same time, the offspring were
more likely to all survive. Or something like that. I've no idea why this
would  be the case, though, or if/how it would apply to female humans.


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