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Mon Feb 10 14:39:44 EST 2003

--- Kyla Tornheim <kyla at> wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:
> > "It has been shown that calendar consciousness
> developed first in women 
> > because their natural body rhythms corresponded to
> observations of the moon. 
> > Chinese women established a lunar calendar 3000
> years ago. Mayan women 
> > understood the great Maya calendar was based on
> menstrual cycles. Romans 
> > called the calculation of time menstruation,
> meaning knowledge of the 
> > menses. In Gaelic, menstruation and calendar are
> the same word."
> And a slightly connected thing--in Judaism, Rosh
> Hodesh, the first day of
> the month and the new moon, is a women's holiday.
> No, I don't know why,
> but it seems like the moon is associated with women
> much more often than
> it is with men. Artemis, for example. I don't know
> if there was some big
> cause way back when, or if different cultures came
> up with the correlation
> on their own, or what.
Boy do I stand corrected


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