Missed another one

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 10 13:51:01 EST 2003

>And it started sending out blue
>sparks when I realised that the whole thing was a (and I exaggerate only
>very slightly for effect) a McCarthyite allegory of the Cold War which
>taught the only way to avoid a life of mindless uniformity (communism) was
>by constant recitation of the Gettysburg address and/or the Pledge of
>Allegiance (free and indendent thought).

ew. you're right.

thanks for ruining a book i loved as a child. =)

seriously, i can't blame you -- but i thought it was just amazingly great 
when i was a little kid. i read it in, i dunno, somewhere in third through 
fifth grade and i loved it to bits and pieces. i also liked the sequel, but 
when it came time for charles wallace to get his own adventure (a swiftly 
tilting planet) i gave up. i heard that even sandy and dennys got their own 
book, which is just ridiculous-sounding to me even in this day.  but i've 
never gone back to the series later, because i suspect it wouldn't hold up.

guess my suspicions are right...


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