Obscure Childhood favorites

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Mon Feb 10 13:27:12 EST 2003

Gili wrote:

> Tanaqui wrote:

> >The one that no-one else I have encountered has ever read:
> >_The Seven-Times Search_ Paul Biegel
> >(translated: Gillian Hume, illustrated Babs Van Wely)
> Neither have I.
> But this reminded me that no one here responded to my question about _Poor

> Cecco_ by Margery Williams. Does no one else here know this book?


Me, me!  I'm just shy. :)  I know both of these, in fact.

My copy of _Poor Cecco_ gives the author as Margery Williams Bianco, which,
combined with the unfamiliar name "Cecco", led me to assume she was Italian.
I reread it many times.  I only have the vaguest memory of it now, though.
I should reread it again.

As for the Biegel... 
I've had a copy of _The King of the Copper Mountains_ for as long as I can
remember.  I think it's wonderful; it would certainly be one of my five
favourite childhood books.  So I've always looked out for his books
second-hand, and so has my mother, on my behalf.  And _The Seven-Times
Search_ is the latest acquisition.  I have to admit that I haven't yet got
round to reading it, but they stand up awfully well to being read by an
adult, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

And as for my own favourites...

Well, lucky me, I got to grow up reading DWJ. :)  I think my childhood
favourite was either _Charmed Life_ or _The Homeward Bounders_.  I'd
certainly put one of those two in my top five, joining the Biegel.

Then I'd give up, as I can't narrow down the field anything like far enough!

Instead, I offer childhood favourites of mine that I don't think anyone's
mentioned yet, some of which are pretty obscure:

_The Land of Green Ginger_, Noel Langley
_My Friend Mr. Leakey_, J.B.S. Haldane
_The Hounds of the Morrigan_, Pat O'Shea
_The Ordinary Princess_, M.M. Kaye
_Which Witch_, Eva Ibbotson
_Bogwoppit_, Ursula Moray Williams
_Snail Tale_, Avi
_Grimble_, Clement Freud
_Bottersnikes and Gumbles_, S.A. Wakefield
_The Shrinking of Treehorn_, Florence Parry Heide
_The Hunting of Shadroth_ and _The Green Piper_, Victor Kelleher
_Raging Robots and Unruly Uncles_, Margaret Mahy
_The Hundred and One Dalmatians_ and _The Twilight Barking_, Dodie Smith
_The Secret Garden_, Frances Hodgson Burnett
_The Coral Island_, R.M. Ballantyne

The _Uncle_ books by J.P. Martin
The _Arabel and Mortimer_ books by Joan Aiken
The _Borrowers_ books by Mary Norton
The _Paddington_ books by Michael Bond
The _Wombles_ books by Elisabeth Beresford

And a trinity of schoolboys: Richmal Crompton's William, Anthony
Buckeridge's Jennings, and Rene Goscinny's Nicholas.

Sorry, this has got longer than I meant it to be - this is why I usually
lurk rather than joining in!

BTW, Ven, my sympathies to you, but have you noticed your particular choice
of incapacitating malady is an ObDWJ? - I'm pretty sure Polly's Granny
complains about her sciatica when she wants to avoid talking about


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