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Margaret Ball margaret at
Mon Feb 10 10:06:25 EST 2003

>These alleged Methodists emptied the coffers to
>buy thick purple velvet hangings (some with lavish gold crosses embroidered
>on them) for the typically Wesley-utilitarian church/assembly hall (whilst
>still loyally refusing to permit Communion wine in the former and raffles in
>the latter). 
Oh, sounds like real Methodists to me. But then, I live surrounded by 
foot-washing Baptists.  One of my favorite lines in a local play is 
where a (Baptist) character confesses, "When I go out of town and want 
to have a real good time, I  tell people I'm a Methodist."  

Through most of my childhood I attended schools where every kid in the 
class had to take a turn at standing up and reading a chapter of the 
Bible to start the day. King James version. (Methodists may have used a 
newer translation, but you know how lax those Methodists are.) At the 
time I opposed this, considering it forced religion, and pulled tricks 
like reading a chapter of the Koran instead. However....At least every 
child in those schools heard a small bit of Real Literature once a day. 
I'm not sure that today's schools ever exposed my kids to anything as 
well-written as the good parts of the KJV,

On the other hand, we got to hear the 23rd Psalm a *lot* because it was 
short and didn't have any hard-to-pronounce names in it.

Margaret Ball

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