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Mon Feb 10 06:27:10 EST 2003

--- Tanaqui <tweaver at> wrote:

> "blimey, this bloke knows the sort of people with
> platypuses at the bottom
> of the garden, near the pond".

Its more a case of having seen platypuses in the creek
at the bottom of the gully once or twice, rather than
have them frolicing around on the lawn

> At some point, people have discovered that
> platypuses won't breed "in
> captivity", 

There have been a few born in captivity, there was a
news story of a birth only last week - Sydney Zoo I
think, and a Melbourne zoo had some success a few
years ago.

> I'm a biodiversity advocate. A responsible one,
> despite or because of my
> _New Scientist_ subscription. 

because of surely, I'm a regular reader myself - its
the main source of my science news.

(The sort of
> eco-terrorist who writes that he
> has released "elevin" members of a hostile alien
> species onto the island where
> the last cluster of kakapo parrots live, because his
> government has decided to
> eliminate the alien species he and his buddies love
> to hunt on the mainland
> would not exist in a rational world, would he?)

I thought he was only threatening to do so. If he
indeed has then that comes pretty close to filling my
definition of Evil. (as an aside I mentioned a little
while ago having known several murderers and not
finding them noticibly Evil, I was talking with a new
teacher at my school and she had also had a peripheral
encounter with two of the same ones. She had taught a
boy who hadn't spoken since these two, who lived next
door to him, set fire to his dog and burnt it alive.
Perhaps they were truely Evil - their murder was a
very gruesome one)

> Tanaqui, liking the idea of cryptid platypuses
> creeping North from South
>          America. *especially* if it turns out that
> they're genetically
>          distinct from their Aussie relatives.

Cryptozoology is a fascinating area, and it is a great
pity is has such little basis in fact.


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