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> Close - unfortunately I can't give the original ref
> so you could 
> check it out, but still... This is in answer to the
> question, "Why do 
> the flowers receive their name Menstrua, of this
> word Mensis a 
> moneth?"
> Bicause it is a space of time which doth measure the
> Moone...  Now 
> the Moone hath dominion over moist things, and
> bicause the flowers 
> are an humiditie, they take their denomination of
> the moneth, and are 
> called monethly termes: for moist things do increase
> as the Moone 
> doth increase, and decrease as she doth decrease.
>  From "Problemes of Aristotle", extract in _A
> Shakespeare Reader: 
> Sources and Criticism_, Eds. Richard Danson Brown
> and David Johnson.
> A little before New Age at least.
> The association between mental instability and
> menstruation I 
> mentioned was not a joke - giving you the benefit of
> assuming that 
> your wife and daughters are also laughing heartily
> over your link 
> between menstruation and mental instability. ;-)  In
> the 19th Century 
> women were locked up and/or given appalling
> "treatment" for this 
> mental instability.  ("The Yellow Wallpaper" being a
> barely 
> fictionalised version of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's
> real life 
> experience, as only one example.)  IIRC it wasn't
> until they started 
> seeing shell shock in soldiers in WWI that the
> assumed link between 
> hysteria (from the Greek for "womb" and female
> nature started to 
> break down.

As I said - all True Knowledge can be found on this
list. - and we have such fun getting there.


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