Bad books (was Re: Actually Garth Nix now (was Re: tad williams

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Mon Feb 10 03:56:35 EST 2003

Sallyo wrote:
>I've ready two *really* bad books in the past 5 years - and can't >remember 
>the title of either one!

I read a couple of stinkers in my job as editor, too. But I can't remember 
their names either. I think if they had been memorable enough for me to 
remember their names, they would have had at least some redeeming value that 
could be argued about. One was about a girl who was afraid to jump off the 
high jump in the swimming pool, and then overcame her fear (couldn't see 
that coming). Another was about a boy who was fat, so he went on a magical 
adventure and came back thin - this one I really tried to remember when 
Deborah wrote her whole related rant, but couldn't bring to mind a single 
identifying feature.

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