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Mon Feb 10 02:58:08 EST 2003

[_Good News Bible_]
+ SNARF! I've never seen this version, and I certainly don't want to 
+ encourage the manglers....I mean translators.... by going out and buying 
+ a copy...but are there more bits like that?

Possibly. I can't recall another example offhand. The major characteristic
of the GNB is, I reiterate, banality. It's the one that was used by the 
bunch of wussy anti-intellectual liberals in the Sunday School to which I
was sent as a small child. These alleged Methodists emptied the coffers to
buy thick purple velvet hangings (some with lavish gold crosses embroidered
on them) for the typically Wesley-utilitarian church/assembly hall (whilst
still loyally refusing to permit Communion wine in the former and raffles in
the latter). 

I honestly think I'd have gotten along better with Jesuits. My KJV is the
one from my christening, and I was reading it before I was old enough to
enter Sunday School. The sudden transition to pedestrian Americalandian
(but with metric units in our UK editions) and simple little line drawings
made God considerably more effable to Tiny Me. 

Notorious one-off textual gaffes give us versions like that dubbed the 
"Adulterers' Bible", so perhaps I should dub the GNB the "Timesucking Bible"
and be done ;-)

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