Kale lskale at metaplaxia.net
Mon Feb 10 02:15:19 EST 2003

At 09:09 PM 2/9/2003 -0500, Johanna wrote:
> > It is?  I was at it Saturday, plus again a few minutes ago just to check
> >  and it does work, but it's full of silly Java/Flash dreck...all pretty
> > graphics and almost no content.  They do have a link back to the proper
> > fan  site, though, which is good as I couldn't remember the link:
> > http://www.leemac.freeserve.co.uk/
>Wait... I'm really confused. I have "dianawynnejones.com" bookmarked & it
>has always bounced me right over to the leemac.freeserve.co.uk site. I
>mean, I thought it was intentionally redirected there. I have -never- seen
>anything else when going to "dianawynnejones.com". I figured that & the
>fan site were one & the same (after all, the fan site says it's the
>"official" site).

Well, I'd just call it the publisher's site rather than the "official site" 
I remember Meredith saying something about this earlier last year, about
Harper Collins USA wanting the Dianawynnejones.com domain name


They really should have a non-Flash version of the site.  Anyway, on their
What's New section, they say that they'll be serializing the first few chapters
of The Merlin Conspiracy so check back later.


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