Moon cycles

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>>Yes where did this menstruation = moon thing come from. I assume women in 
>>the middle ages could count, and they would certainly have noticed (if 
>>they were the traditional 28 days) that their periods didn't coincide with 
>>any particular phases of the moon. I know the english word month comes 
>>from moon and the english word menstruate comes from the latin for month 
>>but I don't think that has anything to do with the moon.
>I think you're forgetting the usual association of the moon with >lunacy, 
>and the belief that women's menstrual cycles made them very >prone to 
>mental instability.

Also that you are probably thinking of a 365 day solar year, whereas many 
cultures did (and some still do) calculate their years as twelve cycles of 
the moon. The months of the lunar Jewish year are all either 29 or 30 days 
long, and once every three years or so there are thirteen months to the year 
to keep the months aligned with the seasons. I think this is close enough to 
the traditional 28 day cycle for a connection to be perceived.

Not that I feel I have any right to discuss menstruation, having been 
pregnant for most of the past two years. :-P (#2 due in March, #1 just 
turned 13 months old)

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