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>Am I the only woman on here who thinks that the notion of a 28-day cycle
>is bunk anyway? I don't think I know anyone whose cycle is 28 days (& many
>women I know have cycles that aren't regular, period [snarf. no pun
>intended], much less a 28-day cycle). I feel like it's mostly a myth, like
>the "women ovulate on day 14 of their cycle" thing.

I think it's just a generalization.  I was always really jealous of women
with very regular cycles.  One of my classmates also claimed his wife could
*feel* when she ovulated.  That would be so useful.

I remember now why I loved _Alanna_ so much (the first book): It was the
first book I ever read where the heroine had to deal with beginning
menstruation.  It seemed like a bit of gritty reality dropped into the
middle of an enjoyable little fantasy.

Melissa Proffitt

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