Suzette Haden Elgin

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sun Feb 9 20:42:56 EST 2003

>"No one had picked up her language & used it"? Considering the
>difficulties--the ones that you pointed out, & also the fact that it's
>harder to learn a language when you can't get classes & things in it--wow,
>that was kind of nervy. I met her at a con & she seemed kind of peppery.

Well exactly. I was pretty taken aback, having just expressed a mild 
opinion about the book, to get this semi-flame from her. She basically said 
"I'd explain why I wrote the 3rd book the way I did, but you wouldn't 
understand" with the implication that I wasn't up to her intellectual 
level. So I wrote back and persuaded her to explain. I got the impression 
she would rather just be in a snit than have a dialogue about the language. 
Cos I said to her that I recognised I wasn't a professional linguist, but I 
do speak 2 languages and read 4-5 more (3 of them "old"), so it wasn't like 
I had no idea *how* to learn a language. So I thought my comments had some 
value. I mean, I wasn't saying things like "it's too hard to learn a new 
set of vocab".

>If you're looking for something like the women sf&f list, you might try
>the feminist sf/f & utopia lists, if you haven't already (I'd unsubbed a
>couple times in the past, tired of flames & general snottiness, but it
>seems to have mostly calmed down):

This was the list! It was a few years ago, and I think it must have died 
for a while. I stopped getting messages, and I couldn't subscribe again or 
find any info. It was a pretty contentious list at the time, too.


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